Valiant Optics

Valiant Optics has been established in the Czech Republic over 9 years ago. Supplied to you via Enfield Sports. The main thought of Valiant is to produce high-quality riflescopes, high-quality mounts that are suitable for sniper rifles, and other shooting accessories at reasonable prices that may compete with other well-known brands. Over time, we have decided to establish our own factory with experienced engineers to manufacture sport optics on a different level of quality. Our main specialization are riflescopes intended for sport and hunting. We are working every day to improve the quality, test all new possibilities and options of scope structure and also involving our new features.” (Valiant Optics) Due to a hard resistance test, scopes can be fitted on all kinds of rifles without limitation of calibre or energy. Since each shooter needs a specific requirement, Valiant offers a wide variety of different scopes in three product lines. Each line has a specific features for a different shooters. But the best quality is ensured in all of them.

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