Nuprol Shooting Mat Target Shooting Sniper Roll Mat


This very handy shooting mat is easy enough to carry on your person via the shoulder strap or grab handle, or attached to a backpack system, and can be easily rolled out to provide a 200cm length x 68cm width padded area to go prone and take shots in ease and comfort. It also has a large pocket near the head of the mat to store random shooting accessories such as pellets, magazines etc If you’re a dedicated Airsoft sniper or regular HFT target shooter or just want to be more comfortable when out shooting, then the Nuprol Shooting Mat Target Shooting Sniper Roll Mat is exactly what you’re looking for.


  • Shooting Roll Style Mat
  • Well Padded Interior
  • Main Pocket at Top
  • Has a Shoulder Strap
  • Grab Handle easy to move abou
  • 200cm Length x 68cm Width
  • Great for Rimfire/Centrefire/Airsoft/Hunter Field Target HFT Target Shooting
  • Grip Padding Near Top
  • Stable Shooting Platform
  • Adjustable Storage Strap
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to roll up after usage