John Wayne Lil Duke


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GREAT FOR FIRST-TIME SHOOTERS: An excellent first gun for young shooters under supervised use. Experienced shooters can use it to teach first-timers gun safety and marksmanship. Plus the real wood stock gives the feel of shooting an “authentic” rifle. BEAUTIFUL COLLECTIBLE: You’ll say “wow” the first time you unbox it. Gorgeous fit and finish, with solid wood and metal! The John Wayne and “Lil’ Duke” engravings make this gun look phenomenal, and bound to become a collector’s item. DELIGHTFUL NOSTALGIA: Experienced shooters and fans of John Wayne and his iconic Westerns will get a delightful kick of nostalgia from the Lil’ Duke. Takes you back to the gun you shot in your backyard 40 years ago. TONS OF FUN: The Lil’ Duke is a fantastic plinker that will provide hours of fun for shooters young and old. The quick shot cycle, ample 550-BB capacity, and oversized cocking lever provide an extended burst of excitement for shooters of all ages. EASY TO USE: The Lil’ Duke is designed to be easy to pick up and shoot. Loading and unloading the rifle could not be more straightforward, and the sights make accurate shooting a cinch.

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  • Officially Licensed John Wayne engravings
  • Spring-piston Lever-action
  • BB Repeater
  • Shoots BBs only
  • 550 shot capacity
  • Smoothbore
  • Single-stage trigger
  • Manual safety
  • Hardwood stock
  • 350 fps velocity