Colt SAA .45 “Peacemaker” .177 Pistol – Chrome


The Colt Peacemaker is a very realistic replica of the famous Colt single-action .45 revolver which fires .177 metal BBs.
It has a realistic loading action with 1 bb loading into each shell and as it is single-action, you have to pull back the hammer for each shot. The 12g Co2 capsule is housed in the grip and the shells are loaded and ejected exactly the same as the original pistol.

All air weapons, rifles and shotguns must be collected in person from Enfleld Sports.

They may also be sent to a your local Registered Firearms Dealer for collection in person.

We will deliver your purchase to a verified Registered Firearms Dealer for £35.00.

Please contact us if you require this service.

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