ASG Schofield 6″ .177 Revolver – Plated Steel Grey with Ivory Grips


Stylish and elegant polished version with imitation ivory handle. Carried by the elegant gentleman gambler.

Own a piece of firearm history, The CO2 powered Schofield Airgun is an ultra-realistic replica of the famed revolver used by many of the great gunmen of the Old West.

Dummy cartridges, each holding a single BB, are loaded in this top-break revolver.

The revolver functions just like the real gun including the ejector that quickly ejects the spent cases to allow for a fast reload.

Can shoot both BB and pellets depending on the cartridges used.

All air weapons, rifles and shotguns must be collected in person from Enfleld Sports.

They may also be sent to a your local Registered Firearms Dealer for collection in person.

We will deliver your purchase to a verified Registered Firearms Dealer for £35.00.

Please contact us if you require this service.