Gunsmith - Gun Repairs - Servicing - Maintenance

Enfield Sports offers a service where we can repair, service and maintain airguns, rifles, airguns and shotguns. Our gunsmith has over 30 years of knowledge and expierance with guns. We have a machine shop with lathes so we can manufacture parts if require to fix your gun. We also offer a tuning airgun service that is well known on Weihrauch, Walther LGU, Walther LGVand Air Arms TX200 Air Arms Pro Sport spring air rifles.

Please be aware we do have a 2-6 week wait on gunsmithing this is based on how busy we are. Some weeks we may have 3-5 guns in and some weeks can be as many as 20-25 guns. Each gun is done according to when it was brought in. We rely on availability of spares/parts so this can cause delays. So please be aware and be patient as spares/parts have to be ordered in according to whats the issue with your gun.



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